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It is imperative that your employees are paid accurately and on time to maintain a happy and motivated workforce. The problem is that running a payroll is a time-consuming and complicated process. It’s also heavily regulated and it can be hard to keep up with changing legislation. That’s why it’s best left in the hands of accounting and compliance experts.

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Let us take the burden away from you. We can provide basic payroll processing right up to advanced tax and compliance services. If you’re looking for management of your payroll in Milton Keynes and nearby regions, MW Accounting Services can assist.

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What Payroll Services Mw Accounting Offer:


We can manage your payroll professionally and efficiently. We use state-of-the-art payroll software to calculate your employees’ pay, taking into account hours worked, overtime, tax deductions and pension contributions. We can issue payslips to employees and submit reports to HMRC on your behalf.


We can calculate your employees’ tax and national insurance contributions and adjust for sickness, maternity leave or paternity leave.  We can prepare your monthly PAYE returns as well as producing P45 forms for employees when they leave. We will also produce a P60 at the end of the financial year to show each employee their taxable income for the year.


We can help makes sure employee expenses are correctly processed and as tax efficiently as possible.


We can offer a consultancy service, providing you with guidance on the best payroll software to use, helping you to set up a payroll system or offering support on any complex payroll issues such as employment law and international payroll.


Since 2012, UK employers have legally had to enrol eligible employees into a workplace pension scheme and make contributions on their behalf. We can help with these auto-enrolment administration services and ensure that you comply with the regulations. We will set up the pensions scheme, enrol the eligible employees and manage ongoing contributions.


The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a tax scheme that applies to contractors and subcontractors working in the construction industry. We can process the payments to CIS staff and issue them statements. We can also verify their tax status and submit reports to HMRC on your behalf.


Missing a Real Time Information (RTI) return can result in penalties. We can provide RTI and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) compliance services. We can submit accurate payroll data to HMRC on a regular basis to ensure your tax and national insurance contributions are paid on time and correctly.


We work with cloud-based payroll systems such as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage that allow you to access your payroll data online. This is a lower-cost solution and improves flexibility. We can help set you up on an online system and get your staff up to speed on how to use it.

Why Choose MW Accounting Services for Your Payroll Services?

Team of experts
Our chartered certified accountants and chartered tax advisers have extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of payroll management.

Personalised service

We are committed to providing first-rate customer service. We take the time to get to know our clients and provide individual bespoke advice.

We provide cost-effective payroll services to reduce your admin, saving you both time and money.

Accurate & timely solutions
We will ensure your staff are always paid on time without delay or errors. We use the latest payroll software and technology.

MW Accounting Firm offer a first-rate service and top-rate advice. We’ve helped thousands of business owners over the years. No matter the size or complexity of your business, we can provide the complete payroll service or simply offer support when needed. If you need payroll services in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, contact us to discuss your needs.