Taxation and Chartered Tax Advisor

Adam who is our resident Chartered Tax Adviser has an objective to work closely with you to ensure you pay the minimum tax required by law.

We will help you to understand the tax implications of your actions. In order that you can plan ahead and conduct your affairs in a tax efficient way.

Corporation tax services

Under Corporation Tax Self Assessment (CTSA). The legal responsibility for calculating the corporation tax liability falls on business owners. We understand the issues faced by owners in tax matters to managed their businesses. We deal in all tax laws and we can prepare tax returns in a timely and efficient manner. We will also calculate your company’s tax liability. Also we will assist with the calculation of any quarterly instalment payments due.

Tax authorities have more rules and penalties now. Which means you might spend a lot of time and money dealing with taxes. We can help reduce your corporate tax and make it easier to follow tax laws. Planning taxes well can also help your business make more money.

Personal tax services (sole-traders and partnerships)

Self Assessment

We have the expertise and software to take the headache out of the form filling and compliance aspect of Self Assessment. We can provide you with practical advice on personal tax and the planning opportunities available to you. Over recent years HMRC have increased the penalties for failing to file a return on time and for errors. We can complete tax returns, calculate any tax liability to you on exactly when to make payments and how much to pay.

Tax Professionals

If you pay taxes, it’s important to get help from a tax professional to make sure you’re following the rules and paying the right amount. Our tax specialist can give you advice all year round on personal taxes and the current tax laws.

VAT Return

Ever changing regulations and the growing demands of HMRC mean VAT compliance can be a difficult administrative process. We can help to ensure that you comply with the regulations and that overpayments are not made. To help you manage this complex area, we provide an efficient, cost-effective VAT service, which includes:

  • assistance with VAT registration
  • advice on VAT planning and administration
  • use of the most appropriate schemes
  • VAT control and reconciliation
  • help with completing VAT returns
  • planning to minimise future problems with HMRC
  • Advising on complex VAT transactions, including dealing in land and buildings
  • negotiating with HMRC in disputes and representing you at VAT tribunals if necessary.

HMRC Investigations and Enquiries

Being the subject of a tax investigation or enquiry by HMRC can be a stressful and worrying experience. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with HMRC investigations. whether they are enquiries into an individual’s Tax Return. More detailed enquiries into a company’s affairs or employer-related investigations into PAYE and P11d compliance. If you are the subject of an investigation. Mw accounting and taxation services can provide expert help and support.

Require more information?

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